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    Sample of Monsters by BrittMartin.
    These were for Green Ronin’s Pathfinder compatible Advanced Bestiary.

    Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your game!

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  3. whatshouldgamerscallme:

    When someone randomly attacks an NPC without trying out diplomacy:


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    My hoard of treasure is overflowing so it’s time to pass some onto a handful of worthy adventurers!

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    • Will ship internationally!
      *No shipping to Antarctica

    If anyone is interested in picking up a set of these coins for your own be sure to check out Campaign Coins!

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    — Dejan Ostojic

    r o u g h

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    Harley Quinn gives me so much life

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  8. outofcontextdnd:

    Summoner: Does the skeleton thief have intelligence?

    DM: From what you can tell, yes.

    Summoner: Alright, then I’m going to seduce the skeleton.

    DM: What the- okay. Fine. Just roll.

    Summoner: *rolls a natural 20* Okay, so that’s gonna be 33 total to seduce the skeleton.

    DM: Yknow what. Fuck it. You seduced the skeleton.

    Summoner’s getting boned tonight.

  9. But at least being turned to stone probably puts out the fire.

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  10. whatshouldgamerscallme:

    When the bard in the party actually recites a poem or sings at the table:


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